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This is an article from the Manataka newsletter regarding 2012-I am giving the
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By Patti Blue Star Speaks Burdette:

It is a great idea to get ready for what is to come. I want to read the Hopi elders thoughts on the subject of 2012, though I cannot imagine them putting their thoughts on the Internet. Regardless, I will put into the universe that we will manifest this explanation.

I read the 5th Night Prophesy and how it affects our lives. All this information is wonderful. Not so we can be afraid of what is to come, but to be ready in our own spirits. I think the difficulties that will come will be in the spirit. The information is out there, we just have to reach for it.

What I have been hearing is we need to start, or should have already started, to realize those who will be aboard are already working towards new levels of spirituality. Those who are dragging their feet, or just do not want to do the hard work that it takes to be on new levels of spirituality, are going to always be right where they are now. We need to go on and let those people be. We must be responsible for ourselves for being ready and contribute to the greatest good for the greatest number. No longer can we drag along those that would drag us back into a lower level simply because we do not want to leave them behind.

Being a Rainbow Warrior is going to be a tough job. We will survive what is to come. How we survive will be the beauty. I want to be in a better world. What is better will be what is best for all Creation. Some people will not be able to get past the collapse of government and material society.

The Blue Star has always been there in the heavens. The good in the universe has always been there. We have always had the choice to use the information that has been gifted to us to do wonderful things for all of Creation. We as humans chose to take the easy way and use it for what is good for a few at the expense of Mother Earth. Mother Earth has begun to fight back. She has let us have our way, though it was not a good way.

The Grays have given us the illusion that we can have all the technology to better our lives. But, it was just enough to condemn us to slavery. The Grays wish to enslave us and have done a good job of selling their ideology to us. Today, we think we cannot live without material things.

The Blues allowed this to happen with the hope that humans would embrace what is good. I believe it is not too late to do the right thing. If we pray and listen to the still voice within, it will lead us in the right direction -- to the Blue Path. All we have to do is listen. We must take ego out of the situation and admit we are wrong. We must begin to change our own small environments and expand it to all the world. We must look past our little planet and look into the Universe for help. The Blue Star is there for us. It will be hard work for some. Or, it can be as easy as doing the right thing at the right time.

I thank Manataka for sharing this and Patti Blue Star for writing this.
I share it here in the spirit of Notsocommonsense

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