The New Age of Alternative fuels.

Dubai ,Brazil,Germany,what do all of these places have in common? They are the leaders in alternative Energy and they have proven it works on a large scale. More over they have been doing it for years. Go here for Dubai and here for Brazil.Here for Germany.Car manufacturers have been creating cars that run on alcohol and gasoline depending on the need.They call them flex fuel cars, and they look good running on it as well. Made By GM... Why don't we have these??They have had them for awhile in Brazil.. Perhaps it is because unlike America these countries are not run by corporations that have a huge invested interest in oil.Or maybe they feel the American buyer is to picky ,but most likely the reason is the OIL companies do not have this choice at the fuel pumps.
Brazils alternative fuel is made from sugar cane and beet sugar plants. This is wonderful and it is good to see that it is only seems to be America that has the problem with converting to Bio -fuels not the rest of the world..Suger Beets will grown in very cold climates while suger cane is limited to tropical regions only. So no matter what your countries climate is One of the plants will work for your area to produce Ethanol as a fuel and would make an excellent industry.
Oh and one last thing did you know that they have had a way to power a nuclear reactor without the deadly radiation from uranium for YEARS??? They use Thorium instead.. go here for that info. Know why we don't have it ??? Because you cannot make weapons with it. Also the Mining industry that mines Coal is owned by People who have have good friends in Washinton who love to help out their buddies especially when it puts money in their pockets.. How Fff'nnn special is that?