Blood Moons Solar Eclipses And The End Of The World Again

Written by FaithRMichaels:
It's the end of the world again..wasn't that supposed to happen in 2012?
A Tetrad  of 4 Lunar Eclipses that turn the moon blood red have many people claiming  that the end of the world is once again upon us. Those who are believing this end of the world stuff are using the Bible's "End Times Prophecy as their reference.
NASA has a  timeline table for all lunar eclipse events going back millennials.
So lets take a peek at how often these Blood Moon Tetrads show up. 

From 1900-1999 there was 1 Tetrad
From 1600-1699 there were 3 Tetrads
From 1700-1800 0 Tetrads
From 1500-1599 there were 8 Tetrads
From 1400-1499 there was 6 Tetrads
From 1300-1399 there were 2 Tetrads
From  1100-1200 there were 0 Tetrads
From  1000-1099 there were 4 Tetrads

further timeline research here
And the list goes on all the way back into time into the BC or BCE period as far back as 2901-3000BC
So these Lunar Tetrads are fairly common uncommon  events that have occurred many times since the birth of Christ and many times before Christ was born.
So whats the current hoopla about?
 Oh yes this current Tetrad happens on Jewish religious holidays and follows a partial solar eclipse very few  places in the world saw.
So i went investigating to see if and when this had ever happened on special religious holidays and this is what i found.
According to Wikipedia there have been 62 tetrads since 1st century AD and of those 62.. 8 have coincided with both Jewish holidays.
Solar eclipses and lunar eclipses tend to come in pairs..so it isn't rare that one follows the other.
a lot of good info on this can be found here.
One of the rare solar eclipses happened  this year on the vernal equinox..and two weeks later a Lunar eclipse occurred. Another uncommon common event that happens again in 2034,then 2053 and 2072.
more info on past and future solar events can be found here.
I'm rather tired of GloomDoom End of the world fear mongers .
 I've been told all my life that we could all die soon and that the whole planet was going to be ruined and deformed by radioactive waste,hit by an asteroid,done in by global warming. killed by plagues,,etc..pick your favorite end of the world scene here.. and now people want to tell me God is coming and its the end times????!
Oh wait...Well there is just one little thing regarding that..
What Jesus said..is that no man knowth the hr or the time but the Father.. and that there will be false prophets speaking in his name....for the whole quote and more go here
I'm just wondering if things like this is what he was talking about.
 What if it was the end of the world? What are you going to change?
What could you do about it?
So stop worrying..preparing for it won't matter..whatever you would do different you better get started... Try being  a better human being.. try being kinder..try choosing love instead of fear...try blessings and gratitude instead of anger and complaining ..try walking  the talk of peace and love for yourself and all life.. try helping those who need it with an open heart..that would be great....After all..you ain't promised the next 5 minutes much less tomorrow.
So go outside and enjoy the lunar eclipse and the beautiful supermoon with your family..
it will be a wonderful moment.