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Exploring The Family Tree -A Story of Healing and Surviving

Written By FaithRMichaels:

My father was one of the stolen Georgia Tann Babies.
He wasn't famous..did not get adopted out to a rich actress nor a wealthy affluent family.
The depth of horror he must have endured as a child wasn't known to me until our local paper ran an article concerning the Georgia Tann unmarked baby graves.
They were looking for donations for Gravestones for the murdered children of Georgia Tann.

 Has I read the article.. I was filled with a deep compassion for those murdered children.
So many were unknown graves..no names for the  lost stolen babies.
I wondered who they were and as that happened....
I began to wonder about my own genetic identity.
It really had not been important till that moment or so I had always told myself..
Perhaps it's the gray hairs that began to show up in my mirror on my head.
Perhaps it was the fact that after my brothers death,my dads death,and my moms death,
I felt alone.
Somehow reading that article brought all of this emotional stuff to the surface.

Oh I have a wonderful family.
Beautiful grown children,and wonderful grandchildren. 
Great longtime friends and lots of love from a wonderful man.
It's been a rough life,but a good rich life in many ways.
But I felt alone.
It defied logic.
It defied the reality of my loving family.
So as I read that article on those stolen babies unmarked graves; I began to wonder..who is my family? Who were my grandparents on my dads side of my family?
On my moms side?
And just what is my real biological last name supposed to be?
My last name given at birth belonged to a man who adopted my dad.
 A man who had a steel plate in his head and was quite the abuser; according to some of the stories I was told.
A man I had never met and never wanted to know.

You see I grew up without extended family.
We rarely saw any cousins, and all other grandparents died before I was three years old.

My mother was always in an lifelong feud with her side of the family.
Needless to say I did not see that family branch often and when I did I was more than glad when the stressful relative encounter was over.

My dad did manage to reconnect to his biological family.
but his mom had remarried and had another family.
My dad had lots of half brothers and sisters he never got to grow up with.
He didn't hang around with them long, nor did he stay connected to them during my childhood.
I met them maybe three times in my life.
  Truly I do not believe that he ever got over the experience of him and his brother being stolen out of his moms yard by strangers and whisked away to a horror house at a young age.

 I'm writing  a book on the exact details of who,did this,how,and whatever else shows up regarding the experience.
 Georgia Tann stole a part of my ancestral identity from me and my brother before I was even born.
 My childhood was filled with the abuse that Georgia Tann's horror house had inflicted on my father as a child.
 I now know he had PTSD.
I didn't know that then.
He never could banish his demons.
He lost the war for his wellness
My brother and I paid the price all our lives of the effects of being the descendants of one Georgia Tann stolen baby adoption ring.
So did my mother.

It took years for me to forgive my father for what he did to us.
I did not see him for 20 yrs.
 I found out through an insurance company letter that he had died.
That's been 7 or so years ago.

I wanted to know, no...had to know who my relatives were,
and what my biological name was supposed to be.
Feeling the need to reconnect to family,to myself was growing strong in me.
Never felt the need for that connection till now.
The feeling surprised me.

Another interesting thing happened
 In that moment of exploring who Georgia Tann was and what that home did to children..
then realizing what my father must have endured as a child.
One day while sitting on a porch  listening to nature and feeling the winds of a beautiful day on my face..
for the very first time..compassion for my father as a abused tormented scared lost child washed over me.
That's when I knew.
I stopped the abuse cycle on my side of the family.
I did not pass that horror onto my children.
Love won! against huge overwhelming odds
For the very first time I could let it all go.

I'm currently discovering the family tree on Ancester.com and finding out what a diverse genetic background that flows in my veins.
It's wonderful.

Find out about Georgia Tann Babythief
Georgia Tann Serial Babykiller

My deep gratitude to those who helped me along my journey.. I love you all..
 and to Kimberly Talboo for all her help on my family tree.. couldn't have done it without you.
Thank you


Blood Moons Solar Eclipses And The End Of The World Again

Written by FaithRMichaels:
It's the end of the world again..wasn't that supposed to happen in 2012?
A Tetrad  of 4 Lunar Eclipses that turn the moon blood red have many people claiming  that the end of the world is once again upon us. Those who are believing this end of the world stuff are using the Bible's "End Times Prophecy as their reference.
NASA has a  timeline table for all lunar eclipse events going back millennials.
So lets take a peek at how often these Blood Moon Tetrads show up. 

From 1900-1999 there was 1 Tetrad
From 1600-1699 there were 3 Tetrads
From 1700-1800 0 Tetrads
From 1500-1599 there were 8 Tetrads
From 1400-1499 there was 6 Tetrads
From 1300-1399 there were 2 Tetrads
From  1100-1200 there were 0 Tetrads
From  1000-1099 there were 4 Tetrads

further timeline research here
And the list goes on all the way back into time into the BC or BCE period as far back as 2901-3000BC
So these Lunar Tetrads are fairly common uncommon  events that have occurred many times since the birth of Christ and many times before Christ was born.
So whats the current hoopla about?
 Oh yes this current Tetrad happens on Jewish religious holidays and follows a partial solar eclipse very few  places in the world saw.
So i went investigating to see if and when this had ever happened on special religious holidays and this is what i found.
According to Wikipedia there have been 62 tetrads since 1st century AD and of those 62.. 8 have coincided with both Jewish holidays.
Solar eclipses and lunar eclipses tend to come in pairs..so it isn't rare that one follows the other.
a lot of good info on this can be found here.
One of the rare solar eclipses happened  this year on the vernal equinox..and two weeks later a Lunar eclipse occurred. Another uncommon common event that happens again in 2034,then 2053 and 2072.
more info on past and future solar events can be found here.
I'm rather tired of GloomDoom End of the world fear mongers .
 I've been told all my life that we could all die soon and that the whole planet was going to be ruined and deformed by radioactive waste,hit by an asteroid,done in by global warming. killed by plagues,,etc..pick your favorite end of the world scene here.. and now people want to tell me God is coming and its the end times????!
Oh wait...Well there is just one little thing regarding that..
What Jesus said..is that no man knowth the hr or the time but the Father.. and that there will be false prophets speaking in his name....for the whole quote and more go here
I'm just wondering if things like this is what he was talking about.
 What if it was the end of the world? What are you going to change?
What could you do about it?
So stop worrying..preparing for it won't matter..whatever you would do different you better get started... Try being  a better human being.. try being kinder..try choosing love instead of fear...try blessings and gratitude instead of anger and complaining ..try walking  the talk of peace and love for yourself and all life.. try helping those who need it with an open heart..that would be great....After all..you ain't promised the next 5 minutes much less tomorrow.
So go outside and enjoy the lunar eclipse and the beautiful supermoon with your family..
it will be a wonderful moment.


As I Watch In Quite Frustration

I am quietly frustrated .

Sometimes it overwhelms me.

As I watch

 I see many who hold to their fears,

their anger,

as if it is all they have.

Maybe it is.

I am quietly frustrated

I observe the things

 in peoples lives that bring them much misery

They cannot comprehend


Change requires the best of who they are.

I am quietly frustrated

that people would defend

 what their taught

 by authority figures

 to the death

Without ever inquiring or ascertaining the validity

 Killing others while

claiming justification of something they have never researched

I am quietly frustrated

The world is spinning into the future

So many that I see

hold on to so much that is anti-life

 refusing to grow ,

even holding up their immaturity as a truth and a worthy goal

I am quietly frustrated

at a society

that honors greed lust envy,

 the pursuit of their own littleness

is held up as virtue

 something to attain

While Love is considered a weakness

I am quietly frustrated

That Love is not understood

or explored

Perceived as something

 it is not

Attachment, self serving feelings parade in substitution

I am quietly frustrated

that many refuse

to know or believe that

At the core of their being

 they are beautiful

rejecting that truth when it is told to them

Loudly proclaiming their warped disturbance as all there is to Life

Why would anyone want only discomfort as a reality?

Only pain as a choice?

Only confusion as a source?

Only death as a life?

They are afraid to live with Truth.

Being Truth,

Living Truth

 requires courageous heart

People are afraid

They are comfortable with that

They would rather have their illusion of life

 than the unknown they perceive

It is easier to just go along

with their confusion

Just go along with the least of life

Not Rocking the boat

That is not living!

All the joy goes away

 when that is all one does

 throughout their EarthWalk

It is a LIE that conforming is a easier way to live.

Conforming to less life is a walking death

Eyes open but not seeing

Ears hear noises but are deaf

People speak and nothing is said

Peoples hearts beat and their is no life

Acting only in automatic mode

never questioning why they do

or noticing that what they do is an active self destruct

As they walk Zombiefied to the grave

Quick to defend anti-life as life

policies of death

harmful ,destructive,as a virtue

never questioning what has always been

Defending the indefensible

rather that than be wrong

Marching en-mass towards self destruction

As I watch in quite frustration

Written By FaithMichaels


Science Backs Inuit Oral History

Science Catches Up With Inuit Oral History, 'Discovering' Ancient Paleo-Eskimos

Scientists looking into the genetics of,have verified what Inuit history has long held: That earlier peoples from Siberia were the first to populate the most northern regions of planet Earth, and that they died out as the Inuit were coming in.
These Paleo-Eskimos, as they’re called, arrived about 5,000 years ago from Siberia, CBC News reported, migrating from Alaska to Greenland and living for about 4,000 years. They died out about 700 years ago, CBC News said. DNA testing on remains from that period showed no match to Inuit or First Nations people of today.

Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2014/08/31/science-catches-inuit-oral-history-discovering-ancient-paleo-eskimos-156675