Words With Much Wisdom

When Life Becomes a Walk of Ego

By Debbie RedHawk Pulido

Living in a family offers many lessons. Sometimes you must take much care in how you choose your responses to another. It can have long lasting side effects.

So many power struggles in a family, why? We need to learn of our medicine and try to walk in it. It will give you a better understanding of our self and bring more peace.

We have covered ourselves in many false emotions that are controlling every step in our life with not so pleasant outcomes.

We cannot control others around us so we need to change our actions to get a more peaceful walk for ourselves.

Long ago we watched how the animal world lived and we patterned our lives after them. We saw that in order to survive there had to be communication between all. There was always one in the group who seemed to lead and the rest would follow. There was rank and file so to say but it was always done for the survival of all.

As man changed so did his intention of rank and file. He no longer started to lead out of survival but he began to lead with his ego. This left him open and vulnerable to the emotions of greed, jealousy, anger, feelings of entitlement just to name a few.

Man no longer led out of the best interest of others, he led to fill his own needs and wants. It is like this in many families.

There is no one set answer anymore. Man has become so lost in his own self purpose that he has put his ego before the structure of family.

My needs! My wants! My feelings! My priorities! In the process we lose what should be most important, ourselves. We become our egos. Our emotions rule us and it leaves us open to function not with a clear mind, now we respond with hurt, anger, jealousy, fear, hate and wanting what others have.

Now we can be hurt by another’s words because they touched on an emotion that has become important to us through our ego.

We start to judge our value in life and what is important to us not by Creator’s words but by what has become important to us.

We go so deep into our wants, needs and material things that we tend to get lost in the big, “I” “ME” “MINE” it is no longer a world of “YOU” “US” and “OURS”

What was once a walk of working together and sharing our survival has now become a walk of power struggles with many side effects.