As I Watch In Quite Frustration

I am quietly frustrated .

Sometimes it overwhelms me.

As I watch

 I see many who hold to their fears,

their anger,

as if it is all they have.

Maybe it is.

I am quietly frustrated

I observe the things

 in peoples lives that bring them much misery

They cannot comprehend


Change requires the best of who they are.

I am quietly frustrated

that people would defend

 what their taught

 by authority figures

 to the death

Without ever inquiring or ascertaining the validity

 Killing others while

claiming justification of something they have never researched

I am quietly frustrated

The world is spinning into the future

So many that I see

hold on to so much that is anti-life

 refusing to grow ,

even holding up their immaturity as a truth and a worthy goal

I am quietly frustrated

at a society

that honors greed lust envy,

 the pursuit of their own littleness

is held up as virtue

 something to attain

While Love is considered a weakness

I am quietly frustrated

That Love is not understood

or explored

Perceived as something

 it is not

Attachment, self serving feelings parade in substitution

I am quietly frustrated

that many refuse

to know or believe that

At the core of their being

 they are beautiful

rejecting that truth when it is told to them

Loudly proclaiming their warped disturbance as all there is to Life

Why would anyone want only discomfort as a reality?

Only pain as a choice?

Only confusion as a source?

Only death as a life?

They are afraid to live with Truth.

Being Truth,

Living Truth

 requires courageous heart

People are afraid

They are comfortable with that

They would rather have their illusion of life

 than the unknown they perceive

It is easier to just go along

with their confusion

Just go along with the least of life

Not Rocking the boat

That is not living!

All the joy goes away

 when that is all one does

 throughout their EarthWalk

It is a LIE that conforming is a easier way to live.

Conforming to less life is a walking death

Eyes open but not seeing

Ears hear noises but are deaf

People speak and nothing is said

Peoples hearts beat and their is no life

Acting only in automatic mode

never questioning why they do

or noticing that what they do is an active self destruct

As they walk Zombiefied to the grave

Quick to defend anti-life as life

policies of death

harmful ,destructive,as a virtue

never questioning what has always been

Defending the indefensible

rather that than be wrong

Marching en-mass towards self destruction

As I watch in quite frustration

Written By FaithMichaels


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These Paleo-Eskimos, as they’re called, arrived about 5,000 years ago from Siberia, CBC News reported, migrating from Alaska to Greenland and living for about 4,000 years. They died out about 700 years ago, CBC News said. DNA testing on remains from that period showed no match to Inuit or First Nations people of today.

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