Dancing in the Dawn on the Good Red Road

By Faith-R-Michaels

The outer illusion shatters
pieces of the false fall away
In shards that vanish
with the rays of the dawn
emerging from the morning fire
The Phoenix is reborn
With the smell of sweet smudge
lingering in the dawn air

some lay claim that the Sun was the object of worship for the ancient tribes.
No; it was the significance of the sun rising bringing light back into the world,overcoming the dark,
that was honored.
I danced in the dawn this morning
Universal drum
World song,
My song,
Hu song
a very powerful moment.
The moon was on the set but still in the sky.
the dawn light rising in the east
as hundreds of birds songs joined with the song of life and me
greeting the dawn light..
Powerful energies ebb and flow.
there is oneness.