Walking In Beauty

I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder and rain on the roof.
As is customary of my morning ritual I stumbled to the coffee pot and poured my self a cup of the wondrous smelling wake -up drink and moved to my computer .
On my way to there I looked out my window and there on my birdfeeders were (as normal) lots of birds feeding .
What caught my attention is that they were feeding in the rain and celebrating the weather in song from the trees.
So as I drink my coffee I am breathing in the morning air from the open window and listening to life celebrate itself in joy.
A Native American ancient prayer goes through my mind in the midst of the birdsong.
Ancient whispers float through me and Soul says May You walk in Beauty.
I smile and as I am drinking my coffee and checking my e-mail I receive a phone call from a long time friend who has been struggling on her healing journey and struggling through this EarthWalk all her life.She is such a strong spirit with great courage.
She has called to thank -me. I say you are welcome but what have I done to be thanked for? She tells me she is thanking me for being there for her and listening -for all the times she says that I helped her through the years and most especially for the past year.She tells me that this last year has been such a dark one for her and that with-out me she would not have made it through.
We talk for awhile and we speak of the joy in life and how often we do not note the beauty.
It seems that the dark and loud painful things grab our attention blanking out the wonder of life.
We speak on how vital it is to re-empower ourselves by taking time to acknowledge the beauty in the world.For if we do not do this it will not be known.
We speak of how easy it is to let the world news,fear,past pains,ill health,and struggles with the world and life fill up our vision and cloud out everything else.
We speak about purity of heart and how that it is there every day, every moment but unless we recognize and acknowledge this by action and intent, Beauty remains unseen and unknown within our hearts.
We speak on how little things that we do daily are rituals/ceremonies,
like taking time to listen to the birds ,pet a dog, smile at a child ,receive a hug, take a bath,sit in candle light,say a prayer,being grateful for all the things we take for granted.
Moments like being able to have a meal or breath, or walk or smile,or dream.
These are very important things.
These are wonderous and how few people even notice or give credit for those things. We ponder why and I say -I think perhaps it is because Beauty is not loud.It simply is and is always present waiting for us to recognize it and acknowledge it in our day. Pain and crisis are loud voices-these elements of life require Beauty to balance and often the only action we need to take is the called the art of doing with out doing -more clearly accepting love where ever it is given from life-being grateful for it and acknowledging the beauty that is. In this way we bring balance to our selves.
I say that it is vital to health and to our emotional well being to take the time daily to reconnect to the beauty in the world -to give it a place of honor within our hearts and without in life. I remind her that she is in control of what she lets into her life-Every day I tell her -turn off the TV,radio,clear ur mind and just listen to life talking,create a space where You can hear life being beautiful,hear it's song. When you feel overwhelmed tune out the chatter of people and go re-establish that connection with life's song in whatever way works for you.
I tell my friend that it has been my honor to walk with her on her Earth Walk and I remind her that she is also a part of the beauty of creation as we all are.
We say good -bye and I sit in quite reflection drinking my coffee and watching the birds play. I am hearing the wind in the trees,rain on the roof,the smell of the rain and Earth and I lift my voice to the world spirit,heart singing, Thank-You Creator - I am accepting the Blessings You have sent me on this Beautiful day You have made for me.
May You walk In Beauty.


  1. Yes, we often don't see the beauty of every day life, of each breath that we take and each smile that we can make. We don't see it, as with every day thoughts our minds are clouded with every day greynessnes(sorry, bad at spelling). If we noticed the litle things, we would have so much more to be happy about! But as humans, we are affraid to be happy, maybee if we show our happiness then something bad will happen! But if it is meant to happen, it will happen, no matter what.........

  2. men and money rush by like dogs on bones ignorant of the meat of simple communion and thanks giving.
    thanks for sharing. peace this day too, andrew.

  3. absolutily beuatiful honey I wonder who u had a conversation with luvzzzz ya so much and again thank u muahhhhh jenny