2012 is NOT the End!

Ok I am tired of hearing the gloom and doom regarding 2012 .
Every where I turn someone is "predicting the end of the world".
I want to stand and scream CUT IT OUT!! YOU ARE SCARING THE KIDS!
They are using Nostradamus and the Mayan Calender,along with the Bible to point a finger and say LOOK!! SEE ! There it is! -End of the world,Last days, The Apocalypse!
These doomsayers are spreading fear and outright deceptive lies based on pieces or portions of things that they do not understand.
The only destruction we are facing is the one we have created for ourselves.
That being said that means we have the power to change it.
We are not facing a cosmic destruction from someones idea of God.
We are facing a choice in the quality of life that our children and their children's children will have on this Earth.
Humanity is evolving and THAT is the promise of 2012.
Our earth is going through great cataclysmic changes RIGHT NOW!
Look around at the floods, Violent weather changes,volcano eruptions,droughts,mass specie dye off,radiation,poisoning of our water ways,Oceans,and land.
Humanity is ill with what would be called in olden days plagues. (Aids,and ever more severe flu's and viruses)
All these cataclysmic Earth changing things are happening NOW and we are still here.
I am not saying our planet is not in trouble , it is, but by being the change we wish to see in the world,we can and will heal it.
I am here to interject some NotSoCommonSense into this discussion.
Below You will find a series of links on this matter and a Video.
Please watch,read and arm yourself with some notsocommonsense..

Excerpt from the article linked below:
Drunvalo Melchizedek - Flower of Life

But because of something I cannot quite explain about who we are becoming and about ourselves and our ability to control our reality as a planet, we may find that the environment, even though the poles may shift, may not be nearly as violent as we think. It could actually be a very beautiful experience.

The poles will shift and NOT cause the Earths end and they could very well shift in a quite way.

Below is an excerpt from http://www.armageddononline.org/nostradamus.html

"As for the end of the world... Nostradamus predicted it to be the year 3786 or 3797 depending on which Nostradamus expert you believe.
Although people keep claiming that "it's the world will end" they often ignore other prophecies he wrote. Nostradamus NEVER said the world would end in 1666, 1999, 2012, 2096, or any of those years. In fact, he was quite clear we would survive through all of these other conflicts, and if we took it upon ourselves, we could change / prevent what was indeed going to happen.'

The World Will Not End

Steep Uphill Climb to 2012:
Messages from the Mayan Milieu

2102 The Alchemy of Consciousness in Time

No Doomsday in 2012

Hopi Prophecy-
Warriors of the Rainbow

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  1. Faith great article and yep, I am in agreement. The world is changing, that is understood but the end - nah! Religions and extremists have been predicting the end for how many years??? The one thing I know is if you believe strong enough, or want something bad enough it will happen. People get themselves into such a tizzy over things they HAVE to be right about and so therefore help it along to prove a point.
    We have an Elite, who would rather we believe that it is coming to an end, and they too are helping it along with an alliance to Monsanto and the death and destruction of our wildlife, lands and polluting our waters. But, the change that is occurring on the planet itself I believe is the earth's natural shift. The volcanoes are moving. So what, if it gets hotter somewhere else, I live in California and hate the heat and would love to see the heat go where people dream of living in the sun. We will adapt either way.
    There are those of course who love to fearmonger and make a buck doing so. Global warming has and will make countless rich but then why should we not clean up the planet. It deserves that and the responsibility is ours. But the end of the world? Not!