Why I Choose Organic Food

Does anyone know what is in our food that 's not labeled organic?There are things in the ingredient list I cannot pronounce!I need a dictionary or wikipedia just to know what I am eating !FDA certified does NOT set my mind at ease!They have not been doing too good of a job lately.They seem far too interested in whether or not a natural substance or a vitamin can cause me harm.Excuse me?Organic food is supposed to mean the way nature made it.Organic means free of pesticides.Pesticide free is a good thing as far as I am concerned.I simply am not comfortable when the FDA or some food corporation says this:"The levels of pesticide in foods are not highenough to cause a problem to human health."Now they usually say this in regards to a SPECIFIC food.Here is an example,lets talk about mercury in tuna or our seafood.The FDA says DON"T WORRY it's only a little bit of mercury,It's not enough to cause someone harm.Then they said this Don't eat tuna but once or so a week.Excuse me?I began to wander the grocery isles thinking what is on this food, or how much pesticide is on that food, and what happens when we eat them all together?Does this stuff sit around for days in my cells or does my body store this stuff in my fat cells?Is what went in my body yesterday from the foods I ate gone now or is it still hanging around somewhere?What about all the other chemicals in all the other stuff I use everyday?Lets see;there is perfume, house cleaners ,shampoos, laundry soap,bathroom cleaners and the list grows.I am concerned one day it will be like the mad scientist chemistry set.One to many strange unknown ingredients and my body will go boom and start to break down.The people from the FDA say that cannot happen but we have no long term research for many of these things that they put on or in the food that we eat.What about all that other stuff I just said?Most of these things have only been around twenty or so years.SOOO how do they know?Lets see; since pesticides and chemicals have been introduced into our bodies the cancer rate per 1000 people has skyrocketed.This information comes from the American Cancer society. Of course that's not the words they use .I did not need them to say anything their graphs data says it all .The Cancer rate per 1000 people over the last 20 years or so has increased enormously.That's about the same amount of time they have been adding strange non-food things to our foods along with new pesticides.You know what?I do not have the time to sort all of that out-I have Kids to feed, a house to clean,errands to run ,and laundry to do.I read that organic grown food has a higher nutrition content. so lets see pure real food ,organic label ,no worries ,verses normal store bought food and suddenly I have worries.I think I will just choose simple and non complicated.I do not need wikipedia while I look at the ingredients list.That means all I have to do is choose a organic label.It's good for the environment,good for me,good for my family.It's a win,win situation.That organic label is very important.That organic label means one less complication in my life.There are enough complications in my life without worrying over what I am eating.

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