Things that make one go HMMMMM.Where is God ?What a great question!This is a question that has puzzled and confounded humanity for as long as there have been minds to ponder it.People have argued over this question,fought wars over this question.This question automatically inspires other questions.If there is a God; what is his or her name?Does God have a gender?If so does He /She/It care about me?Just what is God anyway?Where is God?If God exists does God want something from me?If so What?Can we communicate with God?How?If God spoke to us would we know?Many people think God is a deity that lives in a far away unseen place.Cultures from around the world have named Gods abode.Then they argued over it .They argued over name ,placement,and what it should/would look like.Humans have built Temples, Churches, raised monuments,created sacred spaces, and altars in an effort to connect with God.One thing is certain God is something that humanity believes very strongly in.Many feel that God is within each of us and all of Life.They believe God is watching over all things determining the course and causes of humanities world.Others swear God needs appeasement in some form .They feel that if God is appeased. It will feel honored and not create havoc with their lives.People have been so afraid of their God's wrath that if another culture believes in a God in a different manner, then that culture must be converted or be extinguished ,so that they would not incur Gods wrath upon their loved ones and community.They believe plagues, famine ,droughts, and all natural disasters are caused by God being displeased.Every religion ever created on this planet is about a method used to contact a divine deity people will call God.Every religion firmly believes they know where God lives.They believe that they and they alone have the only "true understanding" of the Nature of God and where He/She/It is.We have now arrived back at our point of origin.The question of all questions where is God?I do not know !Do You?I am sure that many will try to tell me what some book has said or what someone told them.But to those people I ask this question.What is your personal experience of Gods home?You know where He/She/ It lives?Point God out to me please.Can you show me where God Is?There is a group of people who will swear that there is no God .Scientist say all life is just a series of chemical reactions and called God science.Scientist thought this was pretty cool till they got to the quantum level then they had to re-evaluate everything they had ever known.Life again became a wonderful mystery.They discovered It was all connected by thought.Something with intelligence ,a sense of beauty and perfect math seemed abundant in all things.Dare they call that intelligence God?Personally for myself; I think I will just know that something wonderful created us all.Native Americans call it The Great Spirit.I call It Creator and I see it everywhere I look.I will follow My Elders statements and walk the path for myself, bothering no one else's.I will just live in harmony with the wonder around me,treating all life as if It was a good friend.I will follow my own heart .No dogma for me, I do not need it.I think I will just enjoy unraveling the mystery.Where ever God is I am quite certain of this one fact:It will let me know where it is; if I am listening.Oh by the way: Creator your handiwork is magnificent!

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