When Money is God

We as a society are consumed with Money.The world is consumed with getting more money.We never seem to get enough of it.How many of us think about money or the lack of it in some form most of the day?Money seems to rule the world.Countries go to war over the acquisition of more money.Our safety and well being as a society is measured by how much money it will take.Children are sold into slavery for money.People sell drugs as a quick way to get a lot of money.(the real reason for the drug trade)People all around the world starve for the lack of money to get food.People die because they lack money for good health-care ,education,or the things that can make them or keep them healthy.People have been tortured so that others may keep money and therefor keep the power it infers .People kill others over Money or the lack thereof.People in government are always talking about who and what they believe in.They fight wars and torture and abuse people horribly over whose God is the true God.If a society is wealthy they say their God approves of their culture and the way they got their money.They pray to their God/Goddess to get more money so that their "needs?" can be met.When a natural disaster hits we measure it's power damage by how much money damage it caused and how much money it will take to rebuild it.We are at war right now in this country over money and the world is ruled by corporations whose only job is to acquire more money.They claim it is so that the world can be a better place but in order to do this they have to have more money.How to get it what to do with it and how to keep from losing it is all they ever think about.We get up everyday and go to work for the soulless corporations to have more money.We fight wars so that Capitalism and our interests overseas(money) will be protected,We support the stock market which gives those whose only thought is money more power.We buy goods from strangers who would and have sold their souls to/for money.Tell me when all one ever thinks about is money ,how to get more, how to keep from losing what you have, how to acquire more to get more ect. -doesn't that make money your God?These people you vote for or allow as rulers over you -would you say they have lost their soul?They claim they are Christian but the god they worship is money and the power it gives them over you.Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added unto you.It did not say seek ye first money and all else will be added unto you.How much is enough?How much money does one Billionaire need?Why are we supporting them and their ability to get more?Why are we not supporting those that have less?We give our money to Walmart, and other name brand companies while the Mom and Pop stores go out of business.We give our money to Corporations that fund the wars on this planet.We listen to the lies of the advertisers who work for corporations, tell us what we need ,brainwash our children,and let us know we are lacking. did you know you were lacking till they told you?We support these soulless corporations in the mistaken belief that we are supporting the only jobs while we let those who work for themselves in our neighborhoods go out of business because a corporation can do it cheaper.These corporations pollute our planet, refuse to go green ,steal our natural resources ect.Why? Because of money and their greed for it and the power it confers,Money is their God.Money is a politicians God.We hear the politicians words and he/she has a PR group whose only goal is to get paid by advertising and getting this person elected for money to an office that will make them more money.They tell you what they know you want to hear and you are surprised that they once in office lied?What are your real needs and are they met? do you have a roof over your head?are you fed,clothed,and have a bathroom?Are you warm when it is cold, cool when it is hot,and in general protected from the elements?Do you have a car, or some way to get around, a job, or some source of income?Then count your blessings your needs are covered and when you pray to your Creator for more -be aware that your creator may not use money as the way for the more to come.Support those whose only intention is to provide for the needs of their family.Barter or trade- take the money you have and give it to those who have not sold their souls to the money God.It may cost more up front but in the long run you have saved much for not everything can be measured by the dollar.By doing things like this and becoming more self sufficient and getting by with less you will be sending a clear message to the soulless corporations that states loud and clear --no longer will you support them and their soul stealing Money God

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