Calling the Peoples of Earth

Written by FaithRMichaels
They sit in little kingdoms
Created with imaginary lines drawn across paper maps..
Markers placed upon the Earth Mother
little colored pieces of cloth
symbols of imaginary Kingdoms and Countries
flap in Creations breezes.

Afraid self important people sitting in royal houses
eating fine food
drinking fine wines and liquors
 blustering their arrogance
playing like little children
king of the hill.

 Imaginary Rulers of pretend Kingdoms
In the name of God, King, Country
rattling sabers
muttering threats of retaliation
firing their destructive toys

 Death is what they bring
Death is what they teach
horror is their dream
terror their tool
fear the weapon of choice
Control their game

Their nightmare established
 that they may feel safe
Teaching traditions of isolation ,
False concepts
Contaminating all like a bad virus

 People of Earth tolling in despair
Praying to the Gods and Goddesses created
for assistance
asking for deliverance
not understanding that they are the deliverance
they have been waiting on

It is time now
We the People Of Mother Earth
WE the children of Earth
Children of Life
Do not require this illusion anymore
Cast off your shackles of fear

   Listen up  Pretend leaders
We abolish your imaginary authority..
 without us you are powerless
It is time now
Warriors of Earth

Take notice ye who would rule the world
Ye are naught but fearful children
playing with dangerous toys
playing at being rulers of imaginary kingdoms

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