The lessons of the Trees

Written By FaithRMichaels

I told someone that this being would be taking a walk to listen to the trees.

The beautiful Standing Ones have much to say if one listens

They whisper their life story in the wind.

Some are very very old

many here are young by tree age

The Standing Ones know nothing of time as we understand it

They understand existence.

The Standing Ones understand resilience

They understand going with the flow

They teach about nowness, hereness, Isness

For this is what is experienced

When this being connects with the Standing Ones an eternal peace flows from them to me

In humility I listen

humbled by an ancient understanding

Being is all there is

through storms,through drought,through floods,winters,spring summer fall

The Standing Ones simply are..

The heart hears them say

HUUUUU they whisper with the voice of the wind

I am.... Being

This is the lesson from my relatives today.

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