Healing the World

The 13 Indigenous Grand-Mothers have a mission.

Their Mission is to bring healing ,wisdom,and real Earth time solutions to the problems facing the world today. They have been called to gather the four directions, to show us all by example the ancient ways . The GrandMothers are teaching the sacred knowledge regarding the connectedness of all living things. Like a pebble in a pond the ripples of what they are being, are reaching out and creating a resonance within the heart of all life.

The Earth Mother is calling us to grow with her as she prepares to move to the next level.

Part of the Being State of the next level is self responsibility.

We ...the children of the Earth have existed upon this planet in a reacting mode only untill now.
It is time to grow up. Time to be responsible stewards and Co-Creators.

Time to be what we truly are.

What are we?

We are a divine spark of Creation with consciousness and that consciousness is what allows us to be Conscious co creators with life.

I heard the question spoken. "how do we maintain being connected?"

This question was asked when I spoke within the group of 8 that was created after the GrandMothers finished speaking. The GrandMothers had addressed the subject of Gulf Oil and polluted waters in the Gulf at the end of the conference.

My answer to that question was and is this: Just see it done. Bless it... May the Blessings Be.
Then walk the talk ... The key to Consciousness is action. In other words if you want to walk in consciousness as an aware Co-Creator two things must occur.

The first action is an inner one..ceremony,contemplation, connecting with the source, see it done, not how it is done, just see it done, Blessing it.

The second action is a physical one to manifest it here within the Earth world.
Do not be attached to the outcome. Your attachment to a specific outcome will create resistance,which will be in the way and limiting the Divine to a certain expression of being.

Just know it is done and know it will be manifested for the highest good of all.

One example of that action in the physical could be calling your reps in Washington, or joining and assisting within a group that is working to bring clean water and restore balance to our Mother.
Perhaps you would work in your community on some level to restore the balance of Nature within your sphere of influence or teach the young ones etc.

A Blessing is a powerful thing for it connects one with the source from the heart which is the connection to Soul...the center of creation manifestation within us.

We do not have a Soul ...We ARE Soul..That is what we truly are.

We are learning what we as Soul can do and what our purpose as conscious beings is.

Our purpose is to become conscious Co-Creators with and of the Divine. by being a wider channel for Spiritual expression here within the Earth world and throughout ALL worlds.

All is One...One is All and it is Life.

The Mother is Calling for she is responding to the call within herself that is a resonance of the Call of All Life everywhere with in ALL the worlds of Spirit to evolve. She is singing the love,the song of Life, so that you may know how much you are loved and how powerful you are as a loved being when you love ALL of the expressions of who you truly are.

Walk in Certainty of that knowing while singing that song of life as you resonate with it within you ,out into the world through your own uniqueness of expression.

This evolution expresses itself within as a beautiful loving awareness and without by the expressing of that awareness in your everydayness, which in turn brings more abundant life, love and grace manifesting into the worlds.

May The Blessings Be

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