Building Bridges, Warriors of good heart

By Nicholas DeVincenzo

On an average day at work I will drive over 200 miles, now if I were to drive straight up I would be in deep space. I would be without air to breath, and the warmth of the sun would not have been captured. Why bring this up, what could this possibly have to do with building bridges or defining warriors of good heart? My point is, that there is a thin layer of atmosphere surrounding our dear earth, our home. It sustains life here on our little planet, what we do to it, we do to ourselves. That is the macro, and within our individual bodies is the micro, and what we do to it, we most certainly do to ourselves. There is no difference between the two, we are literally the air we breath and the water we drink. It is common sense and deductive reasoning which dictates that we must be good stewards of the earth, because we are the earth. In moments of rationality and knowing who we are, this becomes self evident.

This is the most important bridge to build between the peoples of the earth, if we are to survive as a species in a good way, or we will live in a cesspool of our own creation. We are always at a crossroad, for each choice we make has consequences. Our spiritually is immature and in its embryonic stage, it has quite literally not kept pace with our technological growth. The reason for this is simple, we are only now finding our center, for we as individuals as well as a whole have been steeped in self-centeredness. None of this mattered to the earth, for eons, but now that we have learned to split the atom, and create things like plastic, and harmful chemicals, it matters much.

The first people of this continent, had lived here for thousands of years without leaving a mark on the environment. The white warriors called them savages, but they were wrong, they saw them as different then themselves, and they were wrong. Which leads me to the Warriors of Good Heart, they come in all colors, and are women as well as men, they are old and they are young, they are maturing spiritual beings that know or at least sense the reality of being one with mother earth. As in the teachings of the Christ figure that God the creator is in all things simultaneously, and what we do to our brothers we do to ourselves. Each of the major religions have this at its essence, it was greed and the illusion of being separate that corrupted the message.

The warriors of good heart need no guns or weapons of war to spread the truth, they are awareness itself, and they are here to build bridges between the tribes of humankind. They come from the four corners of the earth and what they carry in their hearts is peace. The warriors of past ages, belong to the past, with their spears, arrows, swords, guns and bombs they bring only death and destruction; perhaps they had a place, but they have outlived their usefulness. Like the snake who sheds its skin in order to grow, they will also be shed no longer having a strangle hold over the body-spirit of humankind. We the masses must lay poverty at the doorstep of those old warriors, to which poverty and war belongs.

You will know them by their deeds, they hoard wealth and meet in secret places, they are manipulative and are driven by greed and a lust for power. They will build fences around themselves for they are full of a false fear, for what they fear are themselves and in turn life itself. The warriors of good hearts are the opposite of these things, although imperfect their level of imperfection sets them apart, for they are introspective and non manipulative they act out in the open, and face their own demons. Martin Luther King was such a warrior along with many others not as well known, they came to a place where they no longer feared death, for they knew that death was as equal, and as natural in life, as is birth. In so doing they transcended fear itself, and the grip it holds over them and us.

We are all God's children no one tribe has a special place in the creators heart, for God is life, as we are life, the difference is only in our limited perceptions, our egos and our ability to comprehend all that there is. We are none of the things we think we are, Christian, Muslim, or Jew; for peace to come the Universal Soldier in all of us must die and be no more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZBgwfv_p4Q&NR=1 On a star light night gaze into the heavens and wonder like children; for the innocent find that simple things bring pleasure, remember those moments when you felt that all was well, and life is and was as it should be.

The time for building bridges are upon us, listen to the Warriors of Good Heart and once again remember an enemy can be known by their deeds. When there are only two slices of pie left of unequal size and you are dishing it out, which slice will you be giving to yourself?

President Kennedy was the Epitome of an Epiphany and a warrior of good heart.
Much as been done that JFK warned us about .In my opinion much of what he warned us of has been occuring in the aftermath of 9/11.

The question we must ask is who benefited from September the Eleventh 2001, who hides in the shadows of clandestine operations and profits from war?

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