Some not so common sense

The world is ablaze with fear right now.You can smell it.
Everyone wants to know what can they do when the folks in government do not listen to reason or seem sane. It is simple. The answer is stop feeding the beast. Stop using the credit cards,stop investing and supporting in corporate we do not give a damn about you or life America. Jobs? What jobs? It is up too us America,Not the President,not the Congress,not the Senate,
It's up to us "We the People".
Lets just simply say no to New World Orders, No to more government. Let your Representatives in Washington know that we have had enough. We do not need them to fix a blessed or a damned thing. We already know how incompetent they are and they are not on We the Peoples side.
Now lets support our local and state governments and get the right people in there .
We can take back our government from the bottom up! Do what you can in your community to help your community in any way you can. Start a movement in your community to rebuild and support itself..This is no time to set on the fence or the sidelines.
Those in Washington have sided with corporate America's life sucking policies against us. Get up! Empower yourself! Help others empower themselves. Gandhi,and Marten Luther King showed us how it's done,they did it with the people in powers money. They boycotted businesses and caused many millions of dollars in their community to go away due to their lack of support. To be more precise It worked because of the sheer numbers who did it. We can do what they have already done. We do not need to reinvent the wheel.
Create new industry,shop local Bz,Mom and Pop bz all that you can. Barter and trade whatever you can for what you need..grow as much of your own food as possible,make as much as you can ,recycle as much as you can, get your neighbors together and grow a community garden. Learn about herbalism and how that helps you stay healthy.
Learn about basic nutrition.Move your money to community banks. Don't take out loans unless you just have to. In short live within your means.If you are a meat eater see if you can get someone who hunts to bring you back some meat or if able hunt or fish for yourself. If your a vegetarian then your garden is the answer to the ever higher food bill. In short if you do not feed the beast of commercialism it will die and what will happen is new growth will appear and new jobs. American made jobs for American workers. Support what corporations are helping the planet survive.
If you have an IRA or a mutual fund instruct those in charge to only invest in good companies that bring more life and more abundance to all they work for and all they touch. I rarely feed the beast. Become as self sufficient as possible in the environment you live in. You will be happier. This blog will be featuring companies that are good for the health of all. Please do what you can where ever you can to support their growth and the growth of other companies like them .
One last thing if you are voting for a Republican or a Democrat you are wasting your vote if you are hoping for anything good or a worthwhile change.

All the power you need to change the world is in your wallet, in your voice,and in your letting your Representatives in Washington know that they are fired and that we are done with their mess.

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