~No indian name~& Imposed sterilization of Native American women~

The first time I heard this my heart dropped tears.
A powerful and tragically beautiful truth.
The genocide and governmental sanctioned extermanation of a culture.
My history on this planet is much like this song.
While I knew I was Native ...I was of mixed blood but my ancestors called to me in my dreams and my very DNA sang out loud.
It called me home to Manataka and to the good Red Road.
Although I was given an Indian name at birth and I have one now there were years I did not and was lost.

My Native heritage and everything I knew was disconnected.
One day I will tell the story but today is not the day.

This vid expresses so much of my life.
I honor here; those lost in the ongoing fight for our right to be who Creator made us to be.

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  1. I am glad you have changed, be proud of your past and pass your knowledge, culture to your future generations so your culture is not lost.

    It is never too late to learn and change to who you really are, be brave and proud of your heritage. You are a descendant of beautiful people with the right spiritual way of life that respects the land and all living things.

    Carry your native name with pride, I wish I had one.