Wisdom's Jewels

For Andrew and all the other Jewels who shine so bright!

Wisdoms laughter rings in melodic tones while she dances in the Cave of time
Wisdom dances among rare jewels that shine brightly and sing beautifully, resonating,reflecting Wisdom's song from within in perfect harmony
Rare sparkling jewels that absorb Wisdom's Beauty
Mirroring it in rainbow colors that dance upon the walls of the Cave of time
Wisdom stops for awhile and rests
Wisdom Ponders
Then Wisdom smiles while gathering up the rare sparkling jewels
Wisdoms jewels are now scattered throughout the Earth

On well worn but little walked paths Wisdom walks
She walks among the blind that see the world through distorted lens.
She walks and sings loudly a beautiful song that the deaf who hear do not perceive
Truth she speaks
This Truth is re-spoken in foolishness by those who are mute
Wisdom does not despair at the distortions of her Truth
She is looking for the divine jewels that fools overlook
The rare jewels she left for mankind oh so long ago
Wisdom's Rare Jewels hidden within the hearts of many who walk the Earth
Those rare jewels which resonate in harmony with Wisdom's melodic song
The rare jewels whose beauty is only seen by those who know Wisdom's name

Reflecting Wisdom's beauty- The Jewel is within the Lotus
Resonating Wisdom's song- The Jewel is within the Lotus
HU-mans thou carry the jewel within
The jewels within resonate a song Wisdom knows
All is One-One is All -It is Love

The Light and Sound of Creation vibrates with Wisdom's song in Rainbow colors
The song that can only be heard by those who hear with their heart
The light than can only be seen by those who look to see the jewel within
The power that can only be felt by those whose mind is free of religious chains
Those who know the power of Blessings
Those who vibrate with The call Of the Oneness

Those who live the Being of I Am

Written By FaithRMichaels on the date marked on this post.
You may distribute this freely as long as it retains the authors name in reposting it.

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