Chaos Appears Rushing

Something I wrote a bit back wanted to share it here.
Hope you enjoy

Spin around once
life goes rushing by
thousands of choices
in a twinkling
demanding your eye

Dawn till dusk
dreams till wake
chaos appears rushing
choice in a moment
truth or fake

We set our watch
calenders we mark
living times illusion
seeing only fragments
of divine spark

Life's song sings
calling you here
Chaos becomes creation
awareness of birth
joy's silent tears

Heart opens wide
doubt fades away
wisdom is freedom
grace in being
love's new day

Gods voice within
sound and light
wisdom power freedom
all is one
third eye sight

Dream the world
now and here
Isness the function
life the dream
banishing the fear

Rainbow spirit singing
truth you see
Dancing with joy
truth you are
Blessed and free

Written By Faith

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